My Last Day 2011 Short Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng ESub 80mb 720p

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Rating: 6.6/10
Director: Barry Cook
Runtime: 9min
Genre: Animation, Short, Drama
Released: 12 April 2011

Storyline: The film begins with a prisoner watching from the prison bars as Jesus gets flogged in Pilate’s courtyard. He remembers Jesus teaching and wonders why they’re hurting an innocent man. Horrified, he remembers his own crime: He’s in an alley with a rich gentleman. Holding him up with a knife, he tries to take a box of coins and belongings. The thief is nervous so when he tries to go after the man, he fumbles. The man fights him with the box. Coins go flying. The thief accidentally stabs the man in the struggle. He claws at the coins and runs off. The flashback ends. He then breaks down in tears, aggrieved at seeing someone innocent suffer an even more brutal punishment as a criminal than himself.
Most people in the crowds in the courtyard scream for Jesus to be crucified. The thief, another man (who is also a thief) and Jesus are loaded with the beams for their crosses and march to Golgotha. As they make their way there, the thief looks curiously to the crowds, some of whom scream that Jesus is innocent.

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