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Rating: 7.9/10
Director: Nadeem Baig
Writer: Vasay Chaudhry
Stars: Humayun Saeed, Hamza Abbasi, Ahmed Ali Butt, Vasay Chaudhry
Runtime: N/A
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Released: 25 Sep 2015

Plot: A single divorce lawyer takes his three married friends on a vacation to escape their wives. The movie revolves around three childhood friends, Saif (Hamza Ali Abbasi), Sheikh (Vasay Chaudhry) and Pervez (Ahmad Ali Butt), who are married and settled in their lives but are afraid of their wives. Their friend Sherry (Humayun Saeed), a divorce lawyer, returns to Pakistan from US to meet them, only to discover that their lives are literally miserable because of their wives. Hence, he decides to take his friends to a boys trip to Bangkok to add some spice and excitement to their life.
In Bangkok Sherry meets a girl, Marinaa (Mehwish Hayat), daughter of a syndicate named Bichii Don (Ismail Tara), who falls in love with him. When Sherry learns about her syndicate father, he decides to cut short their trip and run away from Marina. Furthermore, on the 11th hour, their secret is out when the trio of wives show up in Bangkok and raid the hotel they’re staying at. Sherry puts the blame on his friends by telling their wives that the trip was their idea and not his. This results in their wives asking them for a divorce as they had lost all trust in their husbands. After a few months, the three friends come across the news that Sherry is getting married to Zoya (Sohai Ali Abro), billionaire Mehboob Khan’s (Javed Sheikh) daughter in Lahore. Zoya the quintessential nouveau riche kid, who insists on speaking in highly accented English and abbreviated expressions like OMG (oh my God)and MA ( Ma sha Allah ) enjoys spending her father’s money carelessly without any hesitation while her mother (Bushra Ansari) is constantly worried about her attitude. The plot takes a very interesting turn when the three friends arrive at Sherry’s wedding.Sherry insists them not to tell Zoya and her family about Marina. Shery plays a trip with Bichi Don who arrives as an Arabic speaking person named Yaa Sheikh and also with his upcoming father-in-law, Mehboob Khan. Shery told them that his friend Saif’s nickname is also Shery. In this way Shery makes Mehboob Khan and Ya Sheikh, fool and they couldn’t be able to know about the trip they were playing. Just two days before Zoya and Shery’s wedding, Marina arrives Lahore. Then Shery thought of playing another trip with Ya Sheikh. As Shery wanted Ya Sheikh to reject him as his son in law, he pretended as an Homosexual and Ya Sheikh rejected Shery saying “He acts as a gay after 12 AM” and left Lahore. The three friends thought now its all right but at the day of wedding Ya Sheikh and Marina arrived Lahore with Ya Sheikh having a solution for Shery’s Homosexuality. Mehboob Khan and Ya Sheikh started fighting over Shery and after exchange of fires from both sides, they both rejected Shery. At the end, the three friends of Shery patches up with their wives and Shery proposed Marina who accepted his proposal.

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