Elena and the Secret of Avalor 2016 Movie Web-DL Dual Audio Hindi Eng 200mb 480p 800mb 720p

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Rating: 7.2/10
Director: Jamie Mitchell
Writer: Craig Gerber (story by/written by), Michael G. Stern
Stars: Ariel Winter, Aimee Carrero, Jane Fonda, Darcy Rose Byrnes
Runtime: 63 min
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Released: 20 Nov 2016

Summary: Sofia discovers the incredible mystery behind her amulet. Princess Elena from the Kingdom of Avalor has been magically trapped inside Sofia’s amulet, waiting for another Princess to set her free, and Sofia is up to the task!
In the Kingdom of Avalor, Elena takes Naomi up a mountain to show her her favorite view of the kingdom. Elena laments to Naomi how she was trapped in the Amulet of Avalor for forty-one years and then presents to her a broken wand. She tells her that it was Shuriki’s wand and how she would still be trapped in the Amulet if it was not for a brave young princess: Sofia. Elena then proceeds to tell Naomi the whole story:
A coach is heading toward Avalor Palace. It is being chased by a green mist. When the coach reaches the castle, Elena comes out to greet her parents just in time to see a person come out of the mist who kills Elena’s parents with a spell. The sorceress then proceeds to strike Elena with the same spell.
The attack is revealed to be a daydream that Sofia is having. Flora flies by and dismisses the students for summer vacation. As the Royal Kids of Enchancia heads back to the coach, Sofia’s amulet starts to glow blue alerting her that it is time to go to the Secret Library.
Meanwhile, King Roland and Queen Miranda are trying to decide where to take their kids for their summer vacation. When the Royal Twins meet up with them, they reveal they still have not picked a place out. Meanwhile, Sofia goes Behind the Walls and heads to the Secret Library.
When she arrives, the Library selects a book called “The Lost Princess of Avalor” to the shock of Sofia. When the book goes into the pendulem, it turns into a man known as Alacazar, the Royal Wizard of Avalor. He then proceeds to tell Sofia the story of The Lost Princess of Avalor, which is the tale of Princess Elena. On her fifteenth birthday, she was given the Amulet of Avalor by her mother. But on one fateful day, an evil power-hungry sorceress named Shuriki invaded Avalor. She attacked and murdered King Raul and Queen Lucia and set her sights on the palace. As the story goes, Elena chose to face Shuriki on her own. When Shuriki tried to strike her down, the Amulet saved Elena’s life by pulling her inside it.

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