American Pie 5 – The Naked Mile 2006 WebRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p 1GB 720p

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Rating: 5.1/10
Director: Joe Nussbaum
Writer: Adam Herz (characters), Erik Lindsay
Stars: John White, Jessy Schram, Steve Talley, Christopher McDonald
Runtime: 97 min
Genre: Comedy
Released: 19 Dec 2006

Synopsis: Erik Stifler (John White) has a difficult time living up to his family name. He is Steve and Matt Stifler’s cousin. He is perhaps the only Stifler about to graduate from high school as a virgin. The film opens with Erik feigning illness so that he can stay home and masturbate. Unfortunately, just as he is about to ejaculate, his parents and grandmother unexpectedly walk into the door and are hit with Erik’s semen, after which his grandmother dies of a heart attack. Erik’s dad later surmises that, as a Stifler, his son should be out having sex instead of masturbating. Erik’s girlfriend of two years, Tracy (Jessy Schram), loves him, but is not ready for intercourse.

Later that same evening Tracy decides to have sex and she calls Erik to come on over to her house to do the deed. But their first attempt goes horribly wrong when her father shows up in the living room and Erik is forced to run, stark naked, home when he gets discovered. The next morning, when Erik has talk with Tracy about another attempt, she backs out of trying again.

Erik’s friends Cooze (Jake Siegel) and Ryan (Ross Thomas) plan a road trip to visit Erik’s cousin Dwight Stifler (Steve Talley) at Michigan State University during an event known as the Naked Mile. Tracy sees this as an opportunity to give Erik a “guilt free weekend pass,” hoping that he can quench his lust and get sex out of his system since she is not ready. But after attending her weekly yoga class, Tracy has a run-in with Jim’s Dad, Noah Levenstein (Eugene Levy) whom she confides in about her situation with Erik. Mr. Levenstein persuades her not to give up on what she and Erik have.

As soon as Erik and his friends arrive on campus, they witness an over-the-top drinking contest where Dwight is crowned a campus champion. Later, they lose a rough game of football against a bitter rival fraternity composed almost entirely of midgets, led by their ill-tempered leader known as Rock (Jordan Prentice). Dwight, Erik and the guys end up in a brawl with the same midgets on several occasions.

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