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Rating: 6.9/10
Director: Rob Zombie
Writer: Rob Zombie, Rob Zombie (characters)
Stars: Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie, William Forsythe
Runtime: 107 min
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror
Released: 22 Jul 2005

Storyline: In Ruggsville, Texas, the police under the command of Sheriff John Quincy Wydell attack the house of the sadistic serial killers Firefly family (a.k.a. The Devil’s Reject) and they arrest mother Firefly, but Otis B. Driftwood and Baby Firefly escape from the siege. Tiny is wandering nearby the house and also escapes. Otis and Baby call their patriarch, the mad clown Captain Spaulding and they schedule to reunite at an isolated motel in the desert. When Otis and Baby arrive, they kidnap two families of singers, using sadism and violence against the harmless persons. Meanwhile, Sheriff Wydell promises to capture and kill the runaways, seeking revenge for the death of his brother, the Deputy George Wydell.
The film opens in May 1978 with newspaper clippings about missing people and a summary of how they were found. Police officials raided the Firefly house and found body parts in the refrigerator, as well as furniture made out of human limbs. They also found enough evidence and corpses in the basement to put the Firefly body count at 75 people, maybe more. The family would forever be known by the media as “The Devil’s Rejects”…..

On an early morning, Tiny (Matthew McGrory) is seen dragging a naked mutilated female body through the woods. He is on his way to the Firefly house when he spots numerous police vehicles making their way down to the house as well. Tiny lifts up his burlap sack covering his burnt face and looks at the swarm of police as they approach the house. Tiny remains unseen in the forest.
As dawn breaks, Otis is driving through the desert mountains with Baby and Spaulding asleep in the back seat, all of them thinking about the good times they have had together. Otis suddenly stops the car. A look of disappointment, fear, and sorrow comes across his face. We see just further ahead on that road is a HUGE police blockade. The officer in charge of the barricade is Ray Dobson, the young officer seen with Wydell in the opening raid and at Wydell’s side through most of the movie. Otis tearfully wakes up Spaulding and Baby in the back seat. They see they are not going to make it. Baby stands up in the back seat after Otis gives her a gun, Spaulding takes the shotgun, and leans out the right-side of the car. With a gun in his left hand Otis drives with his right as they speed firing toward the police. Although they hit a few police they are seriously outnumbered. Wounded by police fire Otis continues driving and he, Baby and Spaulding continue shooting at the police, all three of them taking multiple hits. In their final act of demented glory, the Fireflys ram their car into the roadblock and their mad lives are ended in a hailstorm of police bullets.

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